Make A Payment

Select the Payment Option that works for you:

  Pay Online with Western Union Speedpay:
  Set-up Western Union One-Time payment.
  Make an online debit card, pinless ATM card or One-Time ACH payment through Western Union Speedpay.

    Set-up Automatic Monthly Payments:
    Sign-up, Change, or Cancel your Automatic Payment Plan.

    Pay by Phone:
    To make a Payment by Phone call Customer Service at and select the Check by Phone option.

    Pay by Mail:
    Print and Mail Current Statement Copy with a check or money order to the mailing address on your
    Statement or listed in the Contact Us tab.

    Pay in Person:                 
    Please have your Code City & Code State N/A when locating the nearest Western Union location.
    Please have your Receive Code N/A when locating the nearest Money Gram location.

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